New LGBTQI+ Eating Disorder Support Group

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Research gleaned from a recent survey conducted by the American College Health Association, showed that transgender people reported alarmingly high rates of treatment and diagnosis of an eating disorder as well as a tendency to use of laxatives, vomiting, and diet pills — even higher than cisgender heterosexual women.

Unfortunately, many of our clients display behavior consistent with this study. Some look to suppress or accentuate certain physical features by staying extremely thin, attempting to minimize curves or breasts in order to present more male. Others, particularly transgender women, lose as much weight as they can, striving to conform to more feminine ideals of slimness and attractiveness.

Gender Wellness of Los Angeles will be hosting a new support group Tuesday evenings from 6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. in hopes of curbing these unhealthy, potentially dangerous, behaviors in our LGBTQI+ community. If you — or someone you know — is interested, please call Olivia Harrington at (805) 896-2257 or email her at An initial phone consultation is required.